Dog Friendly

Dogs Welcome on Powered Sites & in our pet friendly Standard Cabin with External Bathroom

Your dog can stay with you on powered sites, ensuite sites and in our 1 bedroom standard cabin with external bathroom all year round at the manager’s discretion.  Please call to pre-arrange. 

Please be sure to call in advance to confirm

You must call to request to have your dog stay with you prior to making your booking. Park management may decline the request for your dog to stay if they already have the daily limit of dogs in the park at one time. Certain breeds of dogs may not be accepted due to the safety and wellbeing of all parks guests. Peak season may also affect the decision in allowing your dog to stay depending on occupancy. On arrival all dog owners are required to sign an agreement which outlines the Dog Rules in our Park.

Four Legged Guest Rules

  • Your dog must be 100% supervised at all times during your stay and must be leashed at all times when not inside your caravan, motorhome, tent or any other type of your own accommodation.
  • Your dog must never be left unattended during your stay including inside your caravan, motorhome, tent or any other type of your own accommodation.
  • Dog owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog’s waste in a sealed ‘doggy do’ plastic bag and depositing in the green rubbish bins provided throughout the park. Failure to clean up after your dog may result in immediate eviction and/or site cleaning fees. You can purchase the biodegradable ‘Doggy Do’ bags from reception.
  • For health and safety reasons dogs are not permitted in any common areas of the park including: park cabins, reception, amenities, camp kitchen, games room, playground, or laundry.
  • For health and safety reasons dogs must not be washed or cleaned anywhere within the park.
  • Dog related items such as dog blankets etc must not be washed, cleaned or dried anywhere in the guest laundry.
  • Dog owners must sign an agreement to accept they understand that they bring their dog into our park at their own risk and understand they are personally responsible for any personal injuries, personal loss and/or property damage caused by their dog during their stay in our park.
  • Eureka Stockade Holiday park accepts no responsibility or liability for any of these issues should they occur.
  • Dog owners must agree that they understand that park management has the right to evict any guests immediately, without prior warning, and without refund, if their dog has become a nuisance to the park and is disrupting the peace and happiness of any of our guests. *

* For example, this may be if the dog is:

  • Excessively noisy by constantly barking
  • Disruptive
  • Aggressive
  • Left unattended
  • Not leashed during walks
  • Sighted in common areas or park cabins
  • Or if the dog owner does not dispose of dog’s waste in rubbish bins